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We have been using your soil for years. Now the last several bags have been full of sticks, twigs and other unwanted garbage.

It is totally frustrating as Miracle Grow is the most expensive on the market. We have always been willing to spend the extra money because we felt we were getting quaility product.

We are not feeling that way so much anymore. Signed a disappointed gardener

Next is just to satisfy the 100 word minimum- I do not understand why it is necessary to have to say more then what I wanted, here's to hoping your satisfied.

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I have also had a lot of foreign objects in my bags of soil. I posted pics ofi t on facebook .

my concern is that if I am finding all of this material that isn't supposed to be in it where are they actually getting the soil from?. mine ranged from female personal items to metal and plastic


the Miracle Gro this year is horrible! Twigs and wood, it seems more like mulch than soil!

We can't keep our outdoor potted plants watered enough. The water just runs right through the pots and window boxes, and hours later the "soil" is all dried out :(


I found sticks, rocks, bits of plastic, bits of unidentified stuff, orange crusted chunks of debris, and god knows what else. Had four bags. What's up with the huge decline in quality of the potting and garden soils?


I, too have seen a marked decrease in the quality of Miracle Grow. I now buy the cheapest bag of potting soil I can at Meijers or Target, Menards, etc.

They are all the same. No reason to pay top dollar for the name.